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While researching for Janey Olsen, Famous Artist of the Beach, I visited the North Carolina Outer Banks three different summers meeting people and visiting all the sites. I loved the history of the Victorian Style Beach House which I lived in for a week and showcase in my story. I also visited the art exhibits during the Festival of the Arts in Manteo, a real event each year on Roanoke Island. You can order your own print of the Yellow Beach House and other beach artwork below!


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Welcome to Holly’s Creative Expressions

Welcome to Holly’s Creative Expressions

BOOK NEWS Two happy reports:   This June 25 to July 2, we returned to the inspiring beach location of the book Janey Olsen, Famous Artist of the Beach —Purchase more copies HERE. From our quaint rented beach house on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, my special...

Watercolor Techniques Sample

Watercolor Techniques Sample

Art How-to Aenean in venenatis sem. Vivamus fermentum non magna at euismod. Sed ultricies augue tortor, sit amet interdum justo porttitor et. Donec imperdiet erat in odio mollis mattis. Duis ornare ac neque nec tincidunt. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora...

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